Getting Started

Learn the Essentials for Rallista

Getting Started

Rallista is an app that lets you find, create, and turn-by-turn navigate your favorite routes; share them with friends; and drive in events and rallies.

Getting the App

The Rallista iOS and Android apps can be downloaded on each platform's built-in app store.

Opening the App

Once the app is downloaded to your phone. Look for Rallista's orange and white car icon on your device's Home screen.

What's in the App

Rallista has three main views in the app. The Browser view is the home screen of the app and displays content. The Map view is the primary tool for creating and viewing routes, as well as starting turn-by-turn navigation. The Account view is used for managing your account, subscription and stats.

Browsing in the App

The Rallista browser screen allows you to find content created by other and access content associated with your account.

FeaturedThis content is featured by Rallista. Use it to find branded content, premium events and more.
Your Drive Packs and EventsThis section includes all content created by others that you're invited to or have activated.
Made by YouThis section includes drives and event's you've saved.
Nearby EventsThis section displays upcoming events sorted by days until start and your proximity to the start.
Nearby DrivesThis section displays shared drives sorted by your proximity to the start.

Drive Pack

A drive pack is a collection of drives created by an organization. Drive packs include several drives and may have additional content added later. Drive packs can be free or require activation. Once activated, the drive pack is associated with your account. A drive pack may be removed in the future.


An event is used for official rallies and scheduled drives. It allows you to keep your routes private, share them specific people, and navigate them together.


A drive is a great way to save your favorite routes to your account. You can also share them to the public.

Map and Navigation

The map view is used for creating and viewing routes as well as to start turn-by-turn navigation. Turn-by-turn navigation can be started whenever the map is displaying a route.

Account View

The account view is used to create and manage your Rallista account, stats and cars.