Privacy Policy

What Information Rallista Collects, How, and Why


Rallista, through its website and mobile apps, collects a variety of data, some personally identifiable, to provide functionality to you, to record general usage data, and to record diagnostic data for our team. The following outlines what, how, and why data are collected. This includes how data are secured and specifics about what is collected and why. Details about how to control your privacy can be requested from our support email, including how to delete data already saved on Rallista’s services. If you have further questions, please contact us through the support page to ensure that your request is completed.

Data Protection

The Rallista website and backend services for our apps operate on Google Cloud (including Firebase). All data collected and stored directly by Rallista Services (not through a third party) are encrypted during transit and while stored.

For details specifically about Google Cloud’s privacy and security practices, please review their privacy policy and security overview at

The Rallista App stores data both locally and remotely to provide consistent service. This Privacy Policy includes a section on How Information is Used and Why. App data can be protected by using a device passcode.

Data Transfer to United States

All Rallista Services are stored on Google Cloud infrastructure in the United States. By using any Rallista services, you understand that your information will be transferred to, processed, and stored in the United States.

How Information is Used and Why

Rallista Website

The Rallista Website collects general site usage and diagnostic data automatically. This may include personally identifiable data such as your Internet connection IP address or device unique identifier. Additional personal data are collected if supplied by you, such as through creating an account, contacting us, or using support tools. Site usage data can include page visits, frequency of visiting the website, and so on. Diagnostic data pertain to failures within our system, which may include specifics such as which browser or device type you were using.

Site usage data are collected through the third-party tool Google Analytics. Rallista configures how site usage data are collected within Google Analytics as the data controller. Google stores and processes the data for review by Rallista as the data processor. For additional information on how Google handles your data’s privacy, please review their privacy policy at

Web and Rallista App Account

Web accounts allow submitting personal information, such as your name, contact information, and a unique password. When organizing an event, event information is stored as specified by the account owner who created the event in the app. Any event associated with your account can be edited or deleted. 


The Rallista website uses cookies to provide functionality such as website analytics and logged-in status. A cookie stores a minimal set of data, such as a unique identifier, in your browser to help Rallista and Google Analytics perform tasks such as maintaining your logged-in state.

Rallista Mobile App

The Rallista App collects a variety of information to provide functionality, usage data, and diagnostic data. The following tables outline what data Rallista stores online, when and why. 

Table 1. Detailed Online Data Collected by Rallista

Data Collected




Usage Data

Usage data can include your device type, how long the app was used, general location, general demographic information, and when you complete specific app actions (e.g., purchase a membership). 


Usage data are aggregated, meaning that your actions are only represented as a total, percentage, or similar.

Usage data are collected throughout your time using the app.

Usage data help Rallista determine how our services are used.

Diagnostic Data

Diagnostic data are collected for things like poor app performance, bug occurrences, and crashes.

Diagnostic data are collected whenever an issue occurs.

Diagnostic data help Rallista find unexpected issues and correct those issues with specific details about what happened.

Anonymous Account Data

Account data are automatically created for every Rallista app installation. This allows you to create content inside the app that is also stored online.

Anonymous Account data are unique to your app installation and cannot be transferred to a new device. YOU WILL LOSE ALL APP DATA IF YOU UNINSTALL THE APP.

Account data are collected when Rallista is opened for the first time.

This allows you to create content within the app such as drive information. 

Signed-Up Account Data

This includes detailed account data such as your email, username, full name, and car data.

Signed-Up Account data can be transferred between multiple devices and loaded after deleting the app.

Signed-Up Account data are collected when you sign up.

This provides a consistent experience and data set across your device(s). It also further enhances the Services (e.g., direct event invites).

Membership Status Data

Membership level and expiration information are assigned to your account.

Membership Status data are collected when you purchase and/or automatically renew a membership.

This provides additional features and functionality when a subscription is purchased.

Drive Information

This includes any saved drive data, such as the title, the image, the route, and any ratings.

This DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY GPS data from driving the route, such as location, time, and speed.

Drive Information is collected when you create, save, or rate a drive.

This provides drive information and a route. It also provides rating data about the drive.

Event Information

This includes any saved event and segment data, such as the title, the image, the routes, and any participant invites and requests.

This DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY GPS data from driving the route, such as location, time, and speed.

Event Information is collected when you create, save, request access to, or invite a participant to an event.

This provides event information and segment routes. It also provides participant requests and invites.

Event Location Sharing Data

This includes shared car locations while participating in an event.

Event Location Sharing data are collected throughout an active event for any participants who select a car to share.

This provides event participants with the last known location of other participants.

Driver Stats

This includes distance driven, drives completed, events completed, and stats from your first drive.

Driver Stats are aggregated from every drive finish.

This shows you your driving stats and helps Rallista determine who drives the most.

Feedback & Ratings

This includes drive rating data.

These are collected whenever you finish a drive or event segment in the app.

This helps other users determine which drives are best. 

Dent Inspector Mobile App

The Dent Inspector Mobile App collects general usage and diagnostic data for the purpose of quantifying app usage and providing crash reports to Rallista for troubleshooting purposes. All data are collected through the third-party tool Firebase operated by Google LLC. Rallista is the data controller and Google LLC is the data processor in this context.

Data Rights

Access to Data

To access account data, please log in to the Rallista App. If you would like to download all account data in a raw format, please contact Rallista support at

Manage Data

If you would like additional details on managing or deleting data associated with your app usage, please contact Rallista support at

Revoke Consent

If you no longer want to consent to Rallista and third parties accessing data, you may do so by deleting any Rallista apps and/or leaving the website.


Any complaints about data privacy, collection, or information usage can be submitted to Rallista through or directly by email to

Privacy Policy Updates

Rallista maintains the right to update its Privacy Policy at any time. Please check it periodically to make sure you are aware of updates.

Deleting Account

The Rallista App allows you to completely delete your account. All data directly associated with your account will be deleted with some exceptions. Exceptions include any historic billing information (e.g., previously completed invoices) and completed events that other user accounts reference (e.g., an event that another use participated in and saved their route). If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Rallista support at