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Rallista Engineering and Development

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About Rallista

Rallista has been hard at work building the app for driving enthusiasts. Our team’s passion for cars, adventure and driving with friends has made Rallista what it is today. Now we’re looking for help to realize our company’s next chapter.

Our mobile apps provide tools for exploration, shared driving experiences and professional driving events. This includes full turn-by-turn navigation for all app generated routes, shared drives and events, and much more. We also offer enterprise solutions for for-profit and charity organizations. These include marketable events, drive packs (or collections) and much more.

Our mission at Rallista is to foster adventure, driving and the car community.

Rallista UI/UX/Graphics Designer

As a Rallista UI/UX/Graphics Designer, you will be responsible for designing the visual flows and interfaces of Rallista apps. In addition, you will be able to work on creative graphics, illustrations and more for Rallista apps, products, and promotional goods. This could be introductory presentations in-app, stickers and t-shirts, sales pitches and more. This job covers several disciplines and a person with interests in multiple areas and aspects of design and UI/UX will thrive. Our team is small and you'll be the first designer, so you’ll be building interactions and designs that will directly benefit customers and Rallista users. As a result, your work will have a dramatic effect on our products, team and future.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design and stylize new features for the Rallista mobile and web apps.
  • Design cartographic styles for Rallista maps and navigation.
  • Research apps and functionality similar to Rallista and provide analysis and recommendations.
  • Prepare Rallista graphics assets for team members to use throughout the business.
  • Work with our team to plan future features, functionality and more.


  • Experience with illustration platforms such as Sketch.
  • Strong desire to produce quality UX flows, UI and designs that are easy to use, robust and help new users join the Rallista community.
  • Proven ability to self-start, problem solve and make progress without
  • A strong interesting in art projects that could be used for branded goods like clothing, promotional material, and more.
  • A interest in developing Rallista's standardized aesthetic across platforms, social media and more.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with digital design and illustration tools.
  • Experience with UX design for mobile and web platforms (mobile focus).
  • A track record of “wearing many hats” and making self-started progress on work outside your experience.
  • A strong interesting in adventure, cars, off-roading and/or the car community.

This job is a part time contract position

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